About Us

AtlasCorp is an ambitious outsourced sales and event marketing startup firm that concentrates on delivering face-to-face sales techniques via promotional event marketing campaigns. The more traditional forms of marketing such as television, radio, print, leaflets, mailers and the Internet can create brand awareness however, they don’t all guarantee results. Our direct and personalised approach not only provides great customer service, but also new custom for our clients.

At AtlasCorp we represent clients in the energy, charity and home renovation industries. Our personal face-to-face approach allows us to meet with potential new customers directly. This relationship will aid in the retention of potential customers, and will also guarantees sales leads on the same day your event takes place.

AtlasCorp understands that during this tough economic climate, customers are in need of every penny. Therefore, we use proven marketing systems to ensure a great sales quality, while veering away from the old fashioned ‘Hard Sell’ technique.

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